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      Lambeth Carpet Cleaning Services was the cheapest cleaning company I could find in the area, so thought I'd give them a go, and was very pleased with the results. The service has been great and well worth the money.
Eric Mayana19/05/2020
     The cleaners were on time and efficient. They cleaned my apartment. There was no damage and they even vacuumed and cleaned in those hard to reach places. I highly recommend them.
Greg R.19/09/2019
     The kitchen cleaning service I got from Carpet Cleaning Lambeth was flawless! My oven was so greasy and I'd struggled so long to clean it but whatever I did the grease wouldn't come out. The professional cleaners of this firm were very well equipped and had all of the tools to clean everything in no time! Amazing team!
Vivian G.29/08/2016
     House cleaning is not my forte. I struggle to keep up with the small jobs, but really like the house when it's clean. That's why I depend on Lambeth Carpet Cleaners. They're a bit of a recent discovery, but they're already my favourite choice for any kind of professional cleaning. Can't remember a company who managed to make a better offer in terms of price, but still impressed me with the results they achieved. Everything was very impressive and I can't wait to have them round again.
Sean Hitchcock05/11/2015
     We moved to the US for about 2 years on deputation. The house was left as is for the duration. On our return we hired Lambeth Carpet Cleaners's home cleaning service to help us make it inhabitable again. They were immaculate and maintained the timeline. Dedicated staff who go the extra mile to keep your house looking good. We are extremely impressed with their service and shall hire them for cleaning again sometime soon.
Richard Simmons19/08/2015
     I have been hiring professional cleaners for my home and office for a long time now, but no one has done as good a job as Lambeth Carpet Cleaners. From the moment I talked to them over the phone till the time they actually came and cleaned my home, I have never had a more wonderful professional attitude from all members of a company. The cleaning ladies themselves were brilliant! They were friendly and did their job well. I am definitely going to be hiring them regularly myself as well as recommend them to others as well!
Lewellyn R.18/02/2015
     I want to thank Lambeth Carpet Cleaners for everything, they have done for me. I found several stains in my home and knew I couldn't shift them myself, so I called them up. Teri helpful operators have me the info I needed and so I hired them. Thanks to their quotes, I got a great price. Their cleaner arrived when I needed and was friendly. She worked hard throughout the day to get rid of every stain until they were all gone. I can't express my gratitude for what they did.
Jon Chapman18/12/2014
     I came home to find my place looking spotless! Thank you Lambeth Carpet Cleaners! I received a small bonus in my last pay check and thought that I'd splash out on some professional cleaning among other things! And the thing that makes me laugh is that I got the idea from an article I read on the tube about self-improvement! But for some reason the idea stuck in my head and got my entire apartment cleaned. Now, I'm looking to make it a regular thing! Everyone should have a clean place! It really helps with the mood, thank you so much!
     My living room windows have long flowing carpets so when they get dirty you can really tell the difference. The whole room changes when the curtains do not look good. I hired Lambeth Carpet Cleaners to do my curtain cleaning and they are absolutely brilliant at their jobs. Who would expect that your curtains could look as good as new after just one professional clean? Well now I know that they can I will be using these guys every time the curtains start to look a state. I really did admire their work and I am so pleased with the results.
May Adams09/10/2014
     We needed to rid our home of clutter, and that was a tough process. Having a clear out takes a lot of work, so my family and I felt we deserved a break. Lambeth Carpet Cleaners finished up for us, and they did a marvelous job. Everything was put away, and the dusty cupboards that once accommodated all of the clutter are now spotless useful storage spaces. The box room now can now be put to better use now that it's clean and tidy. All and all, my family and I were very impressed with the amount of detail that they put into the cleaning. When the time rolls around where we need a professional cleaner again, this company will be the one I go for!
Bella R.29/08/2014
     Thanks to my ever more demanding boss at work there is no way I have the time to do the housecleaning as it should be done now. It is no problem however because a couple of months ago I decided to get in touch with Lambeth Carpet Cleaners after they were recommended to me by my aunt. The cleaner I have had has been exceptional visit and I really do mean exceptional. I love the fact that she has an attention to detail in getting things clean and because she now knows my house, because she's been here often now, I think she has done an even better job. If you're like me and don't have time for housework then I do recommend using this company.
     I was a busy working mum so had little time to clean the house. A friend suggested I call a local company she had heard good reviews about. I was greeted by a helpful office who arranged everything from a meeting for a quote and to go over what type of cleaning service I wanted doing in my home. I set a date for a general house clean on a weekly basis just to keep everywhere, dusted, polished, mopped and vacuumed. The cast was affordable and the work done was excellent. Lambeth Carpet Cleaners were brilliant and I will certainly be telling all my colleagues about their great work.
Gabriele S.24/07/2014
     The rugs in my home have never looked as clean as they do now and it's all thanks to Lambeth Carpet Cleaners and their stunning rug cleaning service! I have lots of Persian rugs in my house and no matter how often I vacuum them they never seem to look clean, but after a clean from these professionals they look as good as new! The colours are much more vibrant and lots of people have commented on how great they look - even the stains have disappeared! I'll be calling again next time they start to look a little worn and dirty! Thanks very much!
Ali R.08/07/2014
     I was in need of my home cleaned on my return after living in another area for a year. I was given a recommendation by my sister of a local cleaning company called Lambeth Carpet Cleaners. I called and discussed a spring clean type service, and was given a cost that I was happy with. A date was set and the workers turned up on time looking smart and equipped with their gear. They did a fantastic job on my entire house. They scrubbed, polished, dusted, swept, mopped and vacuumed until the place was gleaming clean. I was very happy with the work; the staff was polite and hard working.
Hannah Burgess12/06/2014
     Given the ways in which people are so busy nowadays, it baffles me that not everyone uses a domestic cleaning service. I have been using Lambeth Carpet Cleaners for a long time, and they have always done an excellent job on the cleaning of my house. I will be using them for a long time more, as long as they keep their excellent prices up, and ensure that they do such a good job every time! Everyone should use them, it makes it all so much easier than doing the whole lot yourself, and for very little cost!
Frances Miller14/05/2014
     Here at the Malone house, we are convinced that Lambeth Carpet Cleaners are the best in the business! From the way that they have a good rapport with the kids, to how they sometimes bring a treat for the dogs, it all adds up to a great service! That's without mentioning their impressive ability to get the place looking incredible without breaking a sweat! I would recommend these guys extremely highly, so do get in touch with them to have them round for your cleaning, you won't regret it, we never did, and it's been a few years now!
Dustin Malone29/04/2014
     Calling in a cleaner was the best decision that I've ever made. I was doing my best, but this being the first time I've lived away from home I was failing to meet my mothers' high standard. Before my next visit I called in Lambeth Carpet Cleaners and their professional cleaners got on top of all of the housework that I'd been missing out. They even passed my mother's test as she was amazed at my great cleaning. I'll be using them from now on because I don't have to clean anymore and their prices are absolutely unbeatable.
Tim Hughes08/04/2014
     You're looking for a cleaning company? Give Lambeth Carpet Cleaners a call. Seriously. It's what I did and I've never been happier with how clean y home is. They seem to manage to get into all those difficult corners and cracks which no other company can match. So if you're worried about the forgotten areas of your home, these guys really go above and beyond what's expected of them. And they also manage to do it at an amazing price, so I'm more than happy to recommend them to anyone who might be on the lookout for a new cleaning company.
     Not being particularly well versed in the world of the professional domestic cleaner, I can't say what kind of level Lambeth Carpet Cleaners are on with the other companies around my way, but they sure seem to be doing a pretty good job to me! The cleaning is excellent, the cleaners are wonderful, and the house always looks spotless for a very reasonable fee. I can't really think of much I need more from a cleaning company, but perhaps I'm just not asking enough of them!
Robin Burke05/03/2014
     Finding a reliable cleaning company is so hard these days. Companies are always advertising for services they do not deliver. After a long time of searching for the right company, I finally found Lambeth Carpet Cleaners. They advertised for efficient, thorough and affordable home cleaning services that are customizable and versatile. They really delivered on this claim! They clean all rooms of my home to perfection and I am extremely happy with my decision to choose Lambeth Carpet Cleaners for my home cleaning. Thanks for the continued great service!
Nicholas F.18/02/2014
     There's a lot to admire about a company that just get things right, and knows how to keep their customer happy. I know I can be demanding, making last minute requests for end-of-tenancy cleans when one of my properties is left a little less than habitable. But Lambeth Carpet Cleaners always respond, and they always do a cracking job. I could not run a successful rental business without their help now. They go the extra mile and seem to do everything incredibly efficiently. I call, they clean, and my tenants move in. It is as simple as that. Great service.
Pat Ardman30/01/2014
     I am so glad that Lambeth Carpet Cleaners was recommended to me because it's as if they've put an end to all of my worries! My busy work schedule and hectic family life was eating up all of my free time, and I never had a spare moment to put my feet up. If I ever was lucky enough to find a bit of peace and quiet, that time had to be spent cleaning my home. It was making me feel depressed and trapped in my own life, and when I heard about this affordable cleaning company I jumped at the chance. This was a great decision for me and my family because my house is always clean and I never have to worry! Thanks!
Kate K.20/01/2014

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